Possibly the most important business form of the century

Purchasing products and services online keeps getting more and more popular around the globe and Asia along with China is no exception. E-commerce has rapidly changed the way we do business and moved its position from being a complement to traditional retail to becoming the foundation for most businesses. Adapting into this change is challenging and many people underestimate or just don't have the "know how" to be successful online.

Viral Access will be your Asian compass and guide maximizing your potential to succeed in China as in the rest of Asia.

Social Media

The holy grail for your online business

Only in China more than 500.000.000 people are connected to some kind of social media platform. Entering China and Asia one has to remember that this virtual landscape differs greatly compared from the one we are used to in Europe and the U.S. China is well known for having a complete own domestic system and network when it comes to search engines as well as social media platforms forcing anyone considering to enter this market having a domestic knowledge of what tools are to be used and how.

Viral Access with one of Asia´s broadest networks of social media influencers has an in-depth understanding of how to strategically and methodically work with these in order to reach your targets and goals for each given Asian market.

Brand building

Brand building = $

Online business is like any other business, its about making people know you exist. Spreading the word about your brand for obvious reasons takes time, however this could be done in a numerous ways and the results vary from one extreme to another. Having this said you want to make sure you spend your money wisely, getting the right impact and desired effect making the target customer not only recognizing you but also put you in the box where you want to be.

Viral Access with one of the widest networks of social media influencers in Asia covering more than 100.000.000 people has the the right potential to guide you right regardless your objective and brand category.


Make friends with the search engines and let them work for your business

To understand the logic of SEO one can first look at the fact that search engines stand for the 4th most commonly used internet activity beaten only by; Social Media, Email, and Video. Also knowing that almost 50% of customers start their purchasing process by using some kind of search engine makes it hard to neglect the fact that SEO is a vital part of any marketing portfolio regardless where you are. In China alone the largest search engine Baidu has over 100.000.000 search results a day. This combined with the fact that Google is not permitted in China its pretty clear that you must find a way to stand out in this highly competitive environment, making the engine work in your favor.

Viral Access work with very talented people in the SEO field maximizing your online presence directing the business where you want it.


Making the logistics your competitive advantage

Many brilliant business ideas fail or miss to include the logistic part into the equation hurting their margins or even threaten the whole business. Considering entering China and Asia one needs to have this in mind for many reasons, but cutting the costs and delivery time to the end customer are a few of the most important details entering this region.

Viral Access will through its strategically placed warehouses in HongKong and China assist your expansion with your daily e-commerce related tasks giving you that extra edge over your competitors.

Customer Service

Global business local customer service

Buying products online are for many still associated with a level of uncertainty especially if the store is located in another country.

Understanding this Viral Access is overlapping and minimizing these uncomfortable feeling offering a customer service for the major Asian languages as; Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Still not sure? Why choose Viral Access?

  • Result oriented

    Many companies today focus more on nice presentations and new buzz words. We want to see ourselves as a performance based marketing company earning money when you do.

  • Pioneers in China & Asia

    All of our staff are highly skilled in the field of social media with a history of delivering amazing results to one of the fast growing e-commerce company on the planet.

  • Western ownership

    Many western companies struggle with their global expansions due to differences in how people think and communicate. More than being Europeans making this step easier we also have a local knowledge of doing business in China and Asia for more than 10 years.

  • We listen

    Understanding business is also about understanding that every case is different and needs its unique brand touch in order to fly properly. We take time to listen and from there we build a case together.

  • Passion

    We love what we do. Having created own brands as well as assisting other brands in their pursuit to cement their presence in Asia and China we really enjoy branding with all its essentials.

  • From start to goal

    A performance based model is strongly linked to long term goals for each brand. We see ourselves as your business compass from start all the way to success and thereafter.